Refusing to touch alcohol

Just came back from Lenton & Wortley, reeling after seeing Jenny for the first time ever. If you know who Jenny is, you know what I’m talking about. Matt and Jo thought that I was majorly obsessed because at lunch today I kept on saying
I’ve had enough this week.. way to much to say so.. plainly because part of it was a depression and a need to cry and go out of control.. another was a planned event with the Archeologists which was a load of fun as expected however I returned with a few Unidentifiable Physical Bruises as you do when you go out on the piss, especially when you get someone.. namely James Spong.. physically collapsing on you several times in one night.

I must seem like a complete alcoholic to some of the people at Raleigh Park.. especially Niki who received the worst side of it as he was one of the reasons I decided to down it on Saturday and Monday. I finally spoke to him again yesterday after I was on my way to the pub (not to buy drinks.. which I didn’t.. just to keep Amy company).. initially it was a passing by “Hello”.. then we finally stopped and I told him I hadn’t spoken to him in ages and he told me because I’ve been “Hating on him”, which was blatantly true. I went to see him after the pub and we talked for a bit and things felt marginally better however I’m wondering whether it’ll be a vicious circle.. give it another month and we’ll see.. or just don’t give it anything at all is my plan. C’est fini!

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