On the ball…

After sitting on an exercise ball for the last trimester of my pregnancy, one of these Balance Ball Chairs looks really enticing! I just sat on the ball without any kind of base like the one they are selling. I’m convinced that I wouldn’t have been able to walk if it weren’t for the exercise ball. At that point, sitting on a traditional work chair (ergonomic as it was) just didn’t work for me at all.

I’m comfortable enough in my regular office chair again. Paul & I have gone through chairs like water. Finding a really comfortable office chair to sit your bum in for hours on end as freelancers has been a challenge. We finally found some about a year ago at Business Costco and they have been awesome. They have been the best of any chairs that we’ve bought and used since we went into business for ourselves 8 years ago.

Even so, I’m tempted by the Balance Ball Chair. I wish I could try it out before buying it. That’s always the trouble with purchases like these. You have to buy them to try them – and then, if they don’t work…

Anyone ever used a Balance Ball Chair like the one they are selling here? What did you think of it?

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