Oiling the rusty hinges

I pulled out the canvas, paint, palette knives and brushes this weekend. It’s the first time I’ve painted in weeks. It felt great and it felt terrible. When I spend time away from the easel I feel the loss of facility with the paint and brush. Each time, I have to work out the kinks all over again. The biggest difficulty is not in overcoming my hand (although there is more training that is needed there). Rather, the resistance is in my mind.

The first painting I worked on turned out sad. I pushed myself to finish it. I pushed through even though I could tell that it wasn’t going to be anything that I liked. And it wasn’t.

I painted over that canvas tonight – using what I painted as a foundational backdrop to begin my new piece. That piece isn’t quite finished but now holds some promise.

The more I paint – regardless of the outcome – the better the feel and flow of creativity. It’s a good reminder to keep on keeping on. Don’t stop early – don’t give up.

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