Need a connection

Yesterday was one of the first evenings for a long time when I didn’t go online. Wasn’t by choice mind you. My connection is served by NTL through the cable box we have. For some reason the broadband connection isn’t working. So that means that I couldn’t download my spam & other essential email.

I fared well for the first half of the evening, playing Nintendo 64 and watching TV (something I haven’t done in aaaaages.. the net has dominated my life!!), but towards midnight I became progressively edgy and continued to pester my dad about the connection upstairs. He had been on the downstairs computer playing a poker game online since he came home which was around 5pm! I wondered when he would eventually get off the computer so I could check my mail there.. but he just remained there playing the same game.. all night long.

Another issue was that Faf had rung me around 6:30pm, as we’re supposed 2 b going out today (I had 2 missed calls on my phone), and I planned to return his call later in the evening or go on MSN Messenger. As I couldn’t go online, and he didn’t reply to a text message I sent him earlier, I finally called him just before midnight. (Assuming he was up of course.. there are times when he’s up until 4am, for example, the previous night.)

The phone rang for a while and finally he picked up. He said “Hello”, I replied, and then nothing. I continued to say “Hello?!”, but no reply, so I put the phone down. I thought it rather odd, so I attempted to phone again. This time someone picked up the phone, and then cut the connection! Now that got me started. I sometimes have the personality of a paranoid psychotic, and I can be a bit of a hyperchondriac. I searched for reasons why he would hang up on me, but at that time my mind wasn’t thinking laterally.. or even plain horizontally!

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