Its a Hard Knock Life

Woke up today to the sound of gale-force winds knocking over my mirror to the floor. Thank god it stayed in one piece. I finally did some washing last night (this morning earlee), and as usual.. NOTHING cleaned.. well not as well as I’d hoped.. including my new Harlem jacket which used to be white until Spong decided it’d b funny to collapse on me in the street which happened to be wet and dirty it up!! Having washed it, it’s still dirty and I had to resort to attempting to hand wash it, but still no luck.. its something I’ll have to take home to mum!

Faces on Monday was ok, but not as good as before. I had to put up with Jo being a complete bitch to her boyfriend and draping herself over random guys.. poor naive li’l thing. I had a word with her afterwards (especially after a typical sleazy guy laid his hands on her), and she sorted most of it out, starting with Andy.. she dumped him which was the best thing for her to do. I also had some guy who started talking to me at Faces for a long period of time, and then found out later from Jo and his two friends who kept on ‘attacking me’, that he fancied me. I wasn’t too impressed and subtly avoided him for some of the night.

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