Home now

After the last entry was probs one of the most rushed moments of my life! My dad came online (disguised as my brother as usual), and I expressed my desire to come home etc etc, and he asked ‘when?’ and I jokingly said ‘today?’ and he replied with an ‘ok’. It woulda all been v. difficult as it was Sunday at 6:30pm, I hadn’t got a ticket and the next train was in just an hour. I hadn’t even packed and I had loads of books to carry, plus getting to the station! But somehow I managed to do it.. with the help of Olli’s car and my bicycle, I made it for the train with about 20mins to spare (plus it was late!)

So I was home by 10:30! Thank god my dad picked me up from the station.. otherwise it woulda be HELL goin on the tube and such with the bag I’ve brought.. full of most of my books. Its heavy as fuck! I have no clue how I’m gonna take it back to uni.. I really don’t… Well, I suppose I’ll worry about that when it comes along! 😛

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