Facing the parentals

Not like its happened, but I’m just wondering how the hell am I going to get through tellin my parents I’m goin out tomorrow and not coming back til next morning. Not like I’ve never done it before, but usually I’m staying a friend’s house that they know. And how can I tell them I’m going to a club in Croydon where I’m likely to be shot?! lol

Gee.. this takes me back to the past couple years where I’ve always had arguments with them about going out etc etc. Plus there’s the New Years thing about going out. They said I could go out this year, but they’re notorious for turning round and saying no, or they never said it in the first place! It wasn’t like this at uni where I didn’t have to even contemplate questioning anyone. Its ridiculous. I wonder will I be updating this 2mrw in a fury or will you hear more from me next year or even on Monday evening while I sulk? Or will I be dead?

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