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I’m going on a detox program starting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it and I’m not. See, I like my food. This detox program provides me everything I need nutritionally – it’s just not the psychological enjoyment impact of eating all the variety of yummies I love.

My eyes sting

The last few nights, I’ve been getting to bed at a decent hour. I’m getting full night’s sleep. And the last couple of evenings, I feel totally exhausted and ready to crash before 9pm. I guess my body is making up for lost time and is asking for more at a time when it thinks…

sticking with it

I’m still doing my detox diet/fast. Today is day 12. For the first time, this week, it has gotten hard. Not because I feel hungry or even physically strange… instead, it’s just because I want to “eat” something! It’s a psychological thing. For example, this week we went to Panera Bread for the first time….